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Students to Academic Professoriate for American Indians

Save the Date: 2013 Writing Retreat will be held June 17 - July 26, 2013

Location: The University of Montana, Missoula

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What is the SAPAI Writing Retreat?

Scholars will participate in a six-week intensive Writing Retreat to support thesis and dissertation completion. The Writing Retreat provides the opportunity for participants to fully engage in writing without distraction and with the support of a writing coach, teaching assistant, and peer group. The retreat will be located at a facility that offers comfortable lodging and meals, Internet, and classroom facilities away from distractions.

"I recognized this summer, more than ever, the importance of giving ourselves permission to be indigenous thinkers and writers. After working with remarkable indigenous scholars this summer, I feel inspired to begin my dissertation project about Dine rhetoric(s)."

-Aretha Matt, Dine, Writing Assistant

SAPAI Scholar Benefits:

“I feel very fortunate to have participated in the Step up writing retreat. Without this opportunity I may have never completed my thesis. The retreat setting, all the support (financial, academic and personal), and the presence of fellow scholars created an ideal environment for me to meet the challenge of writing my Master’s thesis.”

-Rachel Smith

Who is eligible?

We welcome applications from qualified individuals who:

"The SAPAI writing retreat provided me the opportunity to compile my research, notes, literature review, data analyses, and overall thoughts into a focused product while providing the essential academic assistance and cultural environment needed to provoke intellectual thought."

- Antony Berthelote

"My experience at Lubrecht was worthwhile-giving me the opportunity to focus on my research and time to write without all the daily, weekly, and monthly activities of work and home."

-Ferlin Clark

Responsibilities of SAPAI Scholars

As a SAPAI Scholar, you will be expected to provide to SAPAI:

"Spending time to write, do research, and do data analyses has furthered my thesis process, and pushed me to finish several parts. I also enjoyed spending many hours with fellow colleagues discussing personal, research, and writing issues."

-Joel Adams, Salish/Assiniboine, SAPAI Scholar